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We are a team dedicated to helping our customers with all of their health needs. There are two fully qualified naturopaths working in store who always aim to give their honest, expert health advice. Our store stocks a wide variety of products including quality supplements, natural haircare & skincare, natural cosmetics and protein powders. We are located in the Hoppers Crossing Shopping Centre next to Hoppers Crossing train station.


Lotta Lauterbach


What product can you not live without?  "I have two. One is kombucha. I drink this most days as it really helps a lot with your digestion and impacts your whole health. It also tastes great! The other is a good magnesium powder. This helps with so many things including those muscle cramps (which can happen standing on your feet all day!), as well as helping to calm you for a good night's sleep."

What is your secret to a vital life?  Don't be too hard on yourself. Eat well, slow down a little (life is so fast paced these days), ask for help when you need it and laugh a lot!

I love to be able to help people in store with their health concerns. It's especially great when a customer comes back in and lets you know that they're feeling better with the advice and supplements you have given them. This makes my day!

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"Triple Advanced Diploma - Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine & Western Herbal Medicine Qualified Chef"

What product can you not live without?  My favourite vital health products are Probiotics. It doesnt matter what form we take them whether it be a capsule or from fermented foods, probiotics are essential for healthy gut function. The health of our gut can affect other areas of the body, so keeping it happy and healthy will have overall benefits. Investing in a high quantity, high strain probiotic really is an investment in health.

What is your secret to a vital life?  Fresh whole food, water and sunlight are the basis of good health. Having a good work/life balance and being mindful of the mind, body and spirit as being aspects of good health is also important.

The favourite part about my job is educating people about health. There is something really empowering about people having the knowledge to make an informed decision about their health. With the combination of my qualifications of being a chef and a Naturopath, my passion is getting people to cook and consume food that can help prevent and treat disease. The part that I love of my profession as a Naturopath is that we are committed to getting to the cause of disease and helping people overcome their health concerns naturally and permanently.

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