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Go Vita Mt Gambier offers professional advice in health care and wellbeing products as well as protein and sport supplements. With a fully qualified naturopath in store, our staff have a vast amount of experience in natural health care, beauty therapy and retail assistance and offer our customers friendly and knowledgeable customer service.

We stock top quality nutritional and herbal supplements, organic & natural skin  and personal care products, organic make-up, essential oils & aromatherapy oil diffusers, herbal teas, organic foods, protein and sport supplements, enviro cleaning products, eco products and much more.



10 years retail experience.

What product can you not live without?  White Wolf Vegan All-In-One Pea Protein (Smooth Chocolate) and Organic Road Pepitas.

What is your secret to a vital life?  Being mindful, having a good work life balance and always making time to appreciate all the great people in my life.

I have been working in retail for a long time but this is my first time working in a health shop. I was previously in a bookshop and while the products are different the wealth of information is very similar. I love learning about all the products, and I love helping customers find products that are perfect for them. My husband and daughter have coeliacs disease so I especially love it when I can introduce our coeliac customers to products that I enjoy using myself.

Joanne Whitehead

Naturopath, Kinesiologist

What product can you not live without?  I have so many favourites, but I would have to say the Juniper Sensitive Skin Care Range. Having reactive skin to even some of the purest organic skincare products, the Juniper Sensitive products has been absolutely amazing for my skin. 

What is your secret to a vital life?  Feed your body good, healthy, nourishing foods, keep your thoughts positive and present, keep your surroundings as close to natural and chemical free as possible and spend plenty of time in nature. 

I have always been passionate about living as close to Mother Nature as possible. I have been in the Natural Health Care Industry for over 25 years studying many different modalities, particularly in the fields of Naturopathy (nutrition, herbal medicine, homoeopathy, ect), Kinesiology and Flower Essences. My favourite part of my job is the interaction with my customers in advising and finding the right products to suit their needs and lifestyle. I love being able to pass on my knowledge that I have gained over the years to help make positive changes to other peoples lives.

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Robyn Francis

Diploma of Nutritional Science

What product can you not live without?  Magnesium year round for nerves and muscles.  NutriVital Immune Support during winter as a preventative.

What is your secret to a vital life?  Eating organic where possible (we grow most of our own fruit and vegetables) and drinking filtered water. Everything in moderation.

I have worked in various industries throughout my life but always dealing with people. I have owned healthfood stores for over 25 years so I have a passion for helping people. So much so that I qualified as a Nutritionist in 2004 to be able to provide correct information to help those to help themselves. I find that healthfood stores are a great port of call for helping consumers to take charge of their own health. Going forward, this will be a must. We have a great team working together in Mount Gambier to support the local community.

Go Vita Mt Gambier

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