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At Go Vita, we have a wide range of natural health products to help you unlock life’s energy, along with expert advice and support from our qualified staff.

When you walk into your local Go Vita you are dealing with the owners. That’s why you receive the personal touch and are treated like part of the family. Our health specialists treat each person as an individual and work with you to find the best whole health solution for your lifelong wellness. Wherever you are on the path of good health from novice to enthusiast you will be treated with care, respect and honesty. Walk out with new energy for your whole life!


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Juliette West

Bachelor of Health Science in Homeopathy, Reiki Master and Ayurvedic Healer, Meditation and Art Therapy Teacher

What product can you not live without?  My favourite product is Nature’s Sunshine Golden Seal capsules. I find that if I’m feeling run down and starting to feel cold and flu symptoms coming on, I take two capsules before bed and feel fine in the morning!

What is your secret to a vital life?  Homeopathy is my secret to a vital life! I find there is no other modality that can assist the body to heal itself on so many levels, including physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Of course we have Owen’s Homeopathics in the store which is great for acute illness in the 6C potency, which means it works mostly on the physical level, but the higher potencies can do so much more! However these higher potencies need to be chosen with a professional consultation.

I have been a practicing homeopath for 7 years now, but I feel I have achieved so much within those years to improve my method and practice. I have attended seminars and workshops with world renowned homeopaths such as: Rajan Sankaran L.C.E.H, M.D.H.(HOM), F.S.(HOM)(UK) Jan Scholten M.D. Michal Yakir RCHom. PhD Everyone needs homeopathy, even if you do not have illness, homeopathy can help to elevate your immune system, give you more energy and vibrancy in life to be able to complete your life-purpose. It helps to change your emotions, mood, improve sleep patterns and alleviate food cravings so that you are more balanced. I believe it is the duty of the Health Care Professional to activate the body's innate healing mechanism to heal itself. Each person is capable of accessing the information essential to their healing from within, so this is my goal as a practitioner and health care professional.

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