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5 North St, Batemans Bay, NSW, 2536
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Since 1991 Bev Dunne has been enthusiastically educating her community on the benefits of complementary healthcare, through not only her store but a weekly newspaper column and radio segment plus regular health seminars and even a weekend health retreat.

20 years after purchasing her first store, Bev believes her current store Go Vita Batemans Bay offers the ultimate in the health food experience.

What makes the Go Vita Batemans Bay store so different?

Bev and her team are proud to be a part of Go Vita Batemans Bay and the complementary healthcare industry. Not only is there a total commitment to offer the best service, advice and price to their customers, there is a commitment to take the time to educate and support their customers in attaining and maintaining good health.


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Nick Dunne

B. Eng (Hons)

What product can you not live without?  NutriVital Immune Support - I find one tablet a day helps prevent colds and flus, all year round.

What is your secret to a vital life?  Maintaining a healthy balance between eating well and exercising while indulging in healthy treats every now and then.

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Sabrina Mallard

What product can you not live without?  NutriVital Vitex - for balancing hormones and increasing dopamine.

What is your secret to a vital life?  Balance. Balancing the good stuff with a little bit of bad stuff.

Marianne Melrose

Curcumin - a great whole body anti-inflammatory.

What product can you not live without?  Everything in moderation.

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Donna Burgess

What product can you not live without?  Vital Greens - for that extra boost in the morning.

What is your secret to a vital life?  Gardening and fresh air.

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Sofia Keady

What product can you not live without?  Probiotics - not only for gut health but also for physical and mental health, weight management and immunity.

What is your secret to a vital life?  Wholefood diet, physical activity and lots of fresh air and sunshine.

Go Vita Batemans Bay

In Store Features

Naturopath and/or Nutritionist Consultations
Vitamin, Mineral and Herbal Supplements
Sports and Performance Supplements
Practitioner Range Dispensary Products
Organic Foods, Superfoods, Special Dietary Foods
Fresh Produce
Natural Beauty Tutorials & Makeovers
Homemade Nut Butters
Kombucha on Tap
Herbal Teas and Coffee Substitutes
Water Filters, BPA Free Bottles, Cups and Containers

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