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Go Vita Ballarat is a haven for people looking to maintain or improve their health.

Stocking a wide range of products including supplements, protein/sports supplements, gluten free and vegan foods, teas, cleaning products, hair and skin care – we have your every need covered.

Our passionate, professional staff are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and we have a naturopath or nutritionist on the floor most days.

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Bachelor of Health Science (Nat) Naturopathy

What product can you not live without?  MCT Oil: really helps maintain good energy levels throughout the day and reduce those afternoon sugar cravings.

What is your secret to a vital life?  There's no doubt that a wholesome diet low in sugar is key, but stress management, a moderate amount of exercise and a good dose of laughter every day is just as important.

I have a special interest in gut health and associated disorders. I love being able to share this passion and help customers on their health journey.


What product can you not live without?  "Happy Way protein and fat burners. I love the taste and the effect that they have. I much prefer these food based supplements over anything synthetic. "

What is your secret to a vital life?  Each individual has their own views on leading a healthy lifestyle and what works best for them. But once you find your balance between nutrition, exercise and allowing yourself to still enjoy treats you can thrive to be happy and healthy.

I am passionate about health and fitness. (I may have a slight addiction to F45). I have two young children and love getting in the kitchen and creating healthy, nutritious meals.


Personal trainer, Cert III Retail Operations.

What product can you not live without?  I love the White Wolf range. I love the taste of their protein powders and especially love the energising fat burner for a good energy boost.

What is your secret to a vital life?  Keep active, eat well and focus on being grateful and happy.

I have worked at the Go Vita Ballarat Store for 10 years, in management positions. I am keep active by going to FX3 or hot yoga each morning. I play netball on the weekends and love spending time with friends and family.


Nothing with letters after my name, but hopefully I am a caring person who is always willing to help. I do the best that I can do to achieve that each day.

What product can you not live without?  I love the whole range from Eco Tan. It is easy to use with great natural results.

What is your secret to a vital life?  I try to eat well, stay active and have a positive attitude towards life. I aim to be grateful for what I have and not ungrateful for what I don't have.

I have worked at Go Vita for 11 years, and seeing all the familiar faces come into the store. I find working in the health environment rewarding, as I love to help people try to be the best they can be and feel better (hopefully). I am married with three children and now three grandchildren. I love spending time with all of them. I keep busy following my sons' football careers, walking our new border collie pup and just generally keeping active and healthy. One day I would like to travel around in our caravan and get back into painting - which was once a passion of mine. I also love taking trips on our Harley, when the weather permits.

In Store Features

Naturopath and/or Nutritionist Consultations
Vitamin, Mineral and Herbal Supplements
Sports and Performance Supplements
Practitioner Range Dispensary Products
Organic Foods, Superfoods, Special Dietary Foods
Fresh Produce
Natural Beauty Tutorials & Makeovers
Homemade Nut Butters
Kombucha on Tap
Herbal Teas and Coffee Substitutes
Water Filters, BPA Free Bottles, Cups and Containers