Plant protein breakfast bowl

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A great way to start your day is with a protein charged breakfast – you’ll feel more energised and ready to seize the day! Protein helps to build and repair body tissues, and it is used to produce hormones and enzymes. You are more likely to feel full for longer too – so you can last till lunchtime without snacking!

Be creative with your bowl! You can pretty much add whatever you have on hand to make it a healthful meal to start the day. (fruit, nuts, seeds, granola, muesli, toasted coconut .. the list is endless!)

5 mins
5 mins

1/2 scoop Balance Naturals vanilla plant protein

150g soy yoghurt (or other yoghurt of your choice)

¼ cup muesli

½ kiwi fruit

1/2 tbsp pepitas

¼ cup fresh or thawed frozen berries

Crushed freeze dried berries (optional)


Mix yoghurt with plant protein.

Place in a bowl, top with the muesli, fruit, seeds and sprinkle the freeze-dried berries on top.


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