Green Nutritionals Mountain Organic Spirulina 500mg tablets

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Described by the United Nations World Food Conference as the ‘best food for the future’ and the American Association of Retired Persons as ‘the number one food to add years to your life.’

  •  Increase energy levels
  •  Reduce colds and infections
  •  Recover faster from illness
  •  Enhance endurance
  •  Anti-inflammatory
  •  Has cholesterol-lowering properties
  •  Contains about 60% complete protein containing all essential amino acids

A unique Certified Organically Grown Spirulina that uses 100% pure mountain spring water in the growing ponds, Mountain Organic SPIRULINA is produced by the renowned Far East Bio-Tech Company (FEBICO) who have been growing certified organic Spirulina for over 20 years.

Cultivated in the remote, unpolluted Pin-Tang region on the sub-tropical southern tip of the Island of Taiwan away from industrial activity, this remote region’s yearly average temperature of 25C and abundant mountain spring water from nearby Mt. Da-Wu is the ideal location for certified organic Spirulina production.
CERTIFIED ORGANICALLY GROWN – Certified Organically Grown under USDA National Organic Program(NOP), Naturland (an IFOAM Accredited Association) and Halal certifications, the entire production facility that produces Mountain Organic SPIRULINA is certified HACCP, ISO 22000 and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

NO ANIMAL DERIVED FERTILISER … FRESH SMELL and CLEAN TASTING ORGANIC SPIRULINA – 100% pure plant fertilizer is used in the Mountain Organic SPIRULINA growing ponds to produce a naturally fresh and clean Spirulina that tastes good.

Mountain Organic SPIRULINA contains NO dairy, NO gluten, NO animal products, NO chemicals, NO pollutants, NO Genetically Modified Organisms and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.



100% Pure Organic Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis)


TABLETS (500mg)
one serve = 6 tablets, use 1 – 3 serves per day

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