Staying Well in A Busy World With Monika Radulovic

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Recently we sat down with former Miss Universe, Monika Radulovic to get her insights for staying well in a busy world. Here’s what she had to share!

What is your wellbeing routine?

“I believe in giving your body optimal nutrition and moving it regularly. I focus on natural, unprocessed whole foods – vegetables, healthy fats, wild-caught fish, grass-fed protein, nuts and seeds – and I avoid sugar and processed foods. So, breakfast might be scrambled eggs with coconut oil, sautéed spinach, and avocado; lunch is usually roasted veggies with baked salmon, tahini and pine nuts; and dinner could be soup made with bone broth, chicken thighs and vegetables. Of course, this routine doesn’t always go to plan, especially when I go out! However, I believe a truly balanced diet also sometimes includes indulgent foods.

I also drink warm water with sea salt and lemon juice every morning to rehydrate my body, boost metabolism and improve digestion. I always add a teaspoonful of HIVITA Liquivita to it, because I know that no matter what else I eat that day, I will have taken care of getting enough vitamins – it’s a great way to kickstart your day.”

What is your fitness philosophy?

“I believe it’s important to listen to your body and create a workout routine that suits you. For me, that means working out five times a week at my local F45 studio. I love HIIT (high intensity interval training) first thing in the morning, because it’s a super-effective and energising cardiovascular workout which leaves me feeling ready to start my day. I also use weight training and Pilates to tone and strengthen my body. However, it’s also important to rest – so, if I’m tired, I’ll just go for a nice walk.”

Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

“I practise Vedic meditation and I have found this to be a game-changer. I also walk along the beach – nothing beats the grounding effects of nature and fresh air. And I love to read and learn about wellness; two books I’m currently devouring are The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton and Game Changers by Dave Asprey.”

You recently partnered with HIVITA – tell us about that

HIVITA has been my go-to brand for years – their products use the best high-potency active ingredients, and they actually work! Like me, HIVITA believe in a holistic approach to nutrition, self-care and beauty, so to represent this Australian company that I believe in wholeheartedly is an honour.

Before we wrap up, what are your top tips for staying well?
  1. Take small, actionable steps towards your ultimate health goals. For example, start with drinking two litres of water daily to fully hydrate your body.
  2. Eat whole foods, and avoid sugar and processed foods. I follow the words of Michael Pollan: “Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognise as food!”
  3. Take a vitamin supplement daily to ensure you are getting your nutritional requirements.
  4. Stick to a regular fitness routine: even just a 20-minute daily walk will boost emotional wellbeing, support bone and muscle health and assist weight loss.
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