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At Go Vita, we love to hear about health products that have worked for you. Here, herbalist Rob Santich talks about Sibelius Sage.

Rob Santich is a 65-year-old herbalist and naturopath with 35 years of clinical experience. Two months ago, he started taking Sibelius Sage with the objective of improving his cognitive function. Here is what he has to say:
“One of the technologies I use in the clinic is a device that measures electrical skin resistance. It requires taking readings and remembering four or five numbers and the position of those numbers on the body. For the last few years, I have found this task quite difficult. However, within several weeks of taking sage I noticed a significant improvement in my ability to remember a complex sequence of numbers and the position of those numbers.

“I want to keep reading and to be actively involved in my work, sports, community activities and travel. So, if there is a product that can potentially improve my cognition and memory, I want to know about it. As with any supplement, it’s important to do your own research; but based on my experience, I would certainly recommend it to others.”

Sibelius Sage is a natural supplement that has been examined in a range of studies and clinical trials at Oxford University. The results show that it helps improve cognitive function, and also boosts alertness, concentration and memory.

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