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Herbal teas are a delicious and effective way to treat common health problems and stimulate your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Detox and cleanse

For centuries, herbalists have used herbs to support the body’s natural detoxification processes. Burdock root helps the body to dispose of unwanted waste products, as well as reduce acidity in the body. Dandelion root has a significant cleansing action on the liver and gall-bladder and stimulates bile production as well as acting as a gentle laxative. Other cleansing and rejuvenating herbs include nettle, lemongrass, rhubarb root, liquorice and cardamom.
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Get a good night’s sleep

Chamomile contains spiroether, an antispasmodic that relaxes muscles and promotes sleep. Passionflower was used by the Algonquin people of North America as a herbal tranquilliser; it produces a soothing effect, reducing anxiety and tension, stabilising disturbed sleep patterns. Sedative herbs such as hops, lavender and linden flowers are relaxing. While toning herbs like spearmint and lemongrass are effective for nervous exhaustion, when you are ‘too tired to sleep’. Hawthorn and red rose petal are helpful in overcoming sleep problems and allowing you to unwind naturally.
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Creating energy and stamina

Are you tired all the time? Have a hard time starting your day? Siberian ginseng has a long-held reputation for restoring and replenishing energy. It is defined as an ‘adaptogen’, meaning that it helps the body to adapt to mental and emotional stress, as well as to cope with extremes of fatigue and overwork. It is very useful for those coping with stressful events, such as exams. Yerba mate, ginkgo leaf, oat straw and peppermint all help to build and restore energy, and strengthen your nervous system.
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Plastic facts

A disturbing study from McGill University in Canada recently found that a cup of tea, using a tea bag, may come with an unwelcome dose of micro-plastic. However the study failed to specify that this was not all tea bags. At Go Vita, we are pleased to say that our tea bag suppliers – Koala Tea, Kintra Tea, Planet Organic, Organic India and Onno Behrends – do not use plastic in their products, but instead use options such as unbleached hemp filter paper which are chemical-free and biodegradable.

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