Your guide to essential oils for good health

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Eco Modern Essentials Guide to oils for good health

Aromatherapy is taking over, homes everywhere are switching from candles to diffusers and loving the benefits. Read our picks for which essential oils to add to your collection for better health:

Clary sage oil.

Use for: Hot flushes and other menopausal symptoms; fatigue; shock or overactive nervous system.

Application: Add a few drops to spritzer bottle with warm water and lightly spray face, or inhale directly from the bottle.

Clove oil.

Use for: Toothache and gingivitis; a sore throat; bad breath; fungal infections like candidiasis.

Application: Add a few drops onto cotton wool and rub on gums or add to warm water and gargle. Alternatively, add a few drops to spritzer bottle with water and spray in the mouth.

Eucalyptus oil.

Use for: Nasal or chest congestion; high temperature; other flu and cold symptoms.

Application: Add a few drops to vapouriser or add to a bowl of boiling water, carefully place head over bowl and towel over head to inhale the steam.   

Lavender oil.

Use for: Sleeplessness; shock and anxiety; sunburn.

Add a few drops to a bath or the edge of your pillow, or inhale directly from the bottle. For sunburn, mix few drops with aloe vera gel, then massage skin every two hours.

Peppermint oil.

Use for: Nausea; stomach upset; motion sickness; headaches.

Application: Add a few drops to vapouriser, or spritzer bottle with water and spray around the room. Alternatively, inhale directly from the bottle. For headaches, add few drops to fingertips and massage temples or around the hairline.

Tea tree oil.

Use for: Minor cuts and abrasions; burns; insect bites and stings; pimples and boils.

Application: Add a few drops to cotton wool onto clean skin, then cover with a band-aid.


Note: If pregnant or breastfeeding always check with your healthcare professional before using. A skin patch test is recommended before using essential oils.

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Madeleine Jennings is a freelance writer and editor specialising in health and lifestyle issues. She was formerly the deputy editor of The Journal of Complementary Medicine.
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