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Social media influencer and holistic health advocate, Sarah Stevenson takes time out to share her story with Go Mag. GO: How has your daily routine …

Sarah’s Vegan Deluxe Mix Loaf

Deliciously good and kinda like a sticky date pudding!

Back to Basics

Fats, sugar and salt – are they good for you, or not? Nutritionist, best-selling author and international speaker Cyndi O’Meara explains why we need to …

Licorice love!

One of the most extensively used and thoroughly studied herbal remedies, licorice has a long medicinal history.   Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) has been used for …

Fibre for Gut Health

Fibre for Gut Health: how much does your body need

Did you know that 70 percent of Australians fall short of meeting their fibre needs? Learn how to ensure you’re not one of them. The more we …

The challenges of sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation: Learn how your sleep and moods could be linked

Sleep is critical to the proper functioning of your brain, and a lack of it interferes with mood and concentration. Charmaine West explains. We have all …

Immune Wellness

All systems go for immune wellness: discover what to do

Cold and flu viruses are relentless in trying to invade your body – but strong immunity will boost your chances of staying healthy. Imagine a …

Astragalus benefits Go Vita Australia

What is Astragalus and why is it so popular during winter?

Astragalus is traditionally used to improve immunity and support vitality in Chinese medicine. Erika Bass explains. Astragalus (pronounced ass-tra-gah-lus) is a herb that is traditionally used in …

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