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Shape up for summer

Start now with these top tips for a toned body, more energy and better health this summer!

Start with a cleanse

Banishing body baggage and blockages is the first step to attaining your ideal weight. Out with trapped toxins, in with new nutrients for a healthier you! Commit to a pure diet for the length of the cleanse – no alcohol, sugar, refined grains, cow’s milk, yellow cheese, ice cream, vegetable oil, fatty meats or deep fried foods. Favour egg white omelettes with green vegetables, filling superfood spirulina smoothies, omega-3 rich fish, seeds, and fruit and vegetables. Large, late dinners simply store fat. Instead have a lush lunch, an afternoon vegetable carrot, celery, ginger juice and an evening soup. To pacify hunger keep healthy food on hand, munching on vegetable sticks with wholesome dip. Expel fat and toxins with time-tested liver herbs milk thistle and globe artichoke.

Make exercise a daily commitment

“Make exercise an everyday automatic routine like brushing your teeth”, advises Gwyneth Paltrow. Get slim, supple and strong with fun fitness. Remove distractions and excuses so you can set your weekly exercise schedule and stick to it! Ensure there’s a good mix of 30 minutes daily cardio, stretching and strengthening. Sweat with a smile while you power walk through nature, mini tramp, zumba, yoga, cycle or swim. Make movement part of your day by walking to work, taking stairs and getting into housework with gusto.

Boost your energy

When we’re tired or emotionally empty we often eat for energy. However, if we suffer acidity, malabsorption, candida or a poor diet, food only feeds fatigue. Fix digestive disorders with a nutritious, low allergy diet and digestive aids such as probiotics and digestive enzymes. Increase energy to increase metabolism, burn fat, preserve muscle mass, regulate blood sugar and decrease hunger. Supplements supplying power include alpha lipoic acid and coenzyme Q10 which are antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and metabolise food into energy. Chromium, vitamin B complex and Gymnema sylvestre lower blood sugar and cravings to ensure less fat storage.

Bump up your greens for alkalinity

Acid is the major cause of poor health, obesity and disease. Becoming more alkaline and removing acid from the body can see positive changes in a matter of days, including increased vitality, more energy, a clearer mind and improved skin health. We could all do with some of that!

So instead of counting calories, monitor your acidity and alkalinity to ensure your body is always in ‘fat burning’ mode (rather than ‘fat storing’ mode). To boost alkalinity, reduce or avoid alcohol, simple carbohydrates like bread, pasta and potatoes; meat including chicken; coffee and tea; processed or fast food; sugar and soft drink. Instead, consume high quality healthy fats, lots of green vegetables and water, exercise consistently and take the right supplements.

Vital Greens is an easily absorbed, carefully balanced blend of essential nutrients extracted from vegetables and fruits. Just two teaspoons daily delivers 76 vital ingredients loaded with probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, fibre and a unique high alkalising pea protein. Adding chlorophyll to your drinking water is also a great natural way to alkalise and purify blood. It contains appetite suppressing thylakoids and lipolytic enzymes, which mobilise stored fats to be burned.

Protein is a must too

Protein supplements can also help you get into shape! Research shows protein helps you feel fuller, provides increased energy, improves muscle tone, increases metabolism and helps you recover rapidly after exercise. Go Vita has a range of different proteins so speak to your local Go Vita health consultant to find the one that suits you best.

For a low-carb plant-based protein, try the new Balance Natural Plant protein! It’s low in sugar and saturated fat and is dairy-free so is perfect for those who are lactose intolerant and/or vegan. Balance is a smooth and great tasting blend of premium quality pea protein isolate, brown rice protein concentrate, chia protein and sacha inchi powder. With just over 20g of quality protein per serve, it provides all of the essential amino acids to support optimal muscle recovery and repair and general wellbeing.

If you want to slim down, try Amazonia Raw Slim & Tone protein. Formulated for healthy weight management by combining a sprouted and bio-fermented protein base with nourishing trace minerals, nutrient-dense herbs, thermogenic spices and alkalising greens, Slim & Tone is designed to help keep you satisfied, address the root cause of cravings and assist in healthy, long-term weight management and toning, with healthy eating and exercise.