Our charities

Go Vita members believe it is appropriate to support a worthwhile cause and we are delighted that Yalari is the recipient of our contributions. Yalari is a not-for-profit organisation offering secondary educational scholarships to Indigenous children from remote, rural and regional communities from all corners of Australia.

Through Yalari, Indigenous children are given a hand-up to their future through full academic and boarding scholarships at some of the nation’s leading boarding schools. Yalari’s aim is to create an Australia-wide network of educational opportunities that will bring about long-term generational change for Indigenous children. Founded in 2005 by Indigenous educator Waverley Stanley, Yalari now supports over 190 Indigenous children in over 31 partner schools throughout Australia.

‘Yalari’ is a word from the Birri Gubba Indigenous language group meaning ‘child’. Waverley was given permission to use ‘Yalari’ by Grandfather ‘Blokey’ Wilson.

Go Vita has been looking after the health of Australians for 30 years and now thanks to your support, and the amazing work of Yalari, we are providing three Indigenous Australian children with the opportunity of a secondary education.